Tuesday June 6th
I went to Daibo-Ami with our school’s students. I took a ship. I got seasick then. The weather is sunny! We got a lot of fishes. For example, Kawahagi(Thread-sail filefish), seabream(Tai), Hirame(flat fish). I’m glad then. We arrived Awashima-harbor at 3:00 in the afternoon. After that, we packed fishes in boxes. It was cold. Daibo-Ami was a wonderful event.

Wednesday May 31th
I went to Murakami-east junior high school with Awasimaura table tennis team. When I arrive there, I was playing table tennis. I was nervous in the first round. And, I won the game. But, I lost in the second round. Game was fun. It was wonderful day.

Tuesday, May 2nd
I took Island Biraki.
We danced so-ran. I was nervous.
I sold ice cream. I was nervous. But It was very fun.
I ate the ice cream. Shimabiraki is a wonderful event.

May 17th -18th
I went to Kanno Junior High School. I took a bus.
When I arrived Kannno junior High School, I was very tense.
Kennno’s Students sang.
Kanno’s students and I studied math. I was interested.